Date: 29 Nov, 2022 - Time: 08:14




“Kupal” is a different, extreme depiction of isolation and seclusion

Isolation comes from differentiation and abstraction. Human being’s isolation is the result of bold differences with people. Getting abstracted from social settings, actual relationships and whatever is happening in the world, traps human beings in isolation. On the other hand, when someone adds up to their differences from the public and applies these differences to all aspects of their life including their social manners, deeds and emotions, they gradually fail to understand and be understood. This lack of understanding and failure in communication change from something special and valuable to something pointless and devalued. Ahmad Kupal, the main character of the film – Kupal “, is a perfect example of this destructive and distressful isolation. His isolation and seclusion become apparent in all aspects of his life including his appearance, his home, his job, and his lifestyle. He has lost his perceptions and his relationships with others have been ruined due to his isolation. Kupal is trapped in a big, impenetrable prison.

” Kupal “, Kazem Mollaie’s film, is a different, extreme depiction of individuality and isolation. Ahmad Kupal, played by Levon Haftvan, is a gargantuan, coarse hunter, who is living in absolute isolation with Haiku, his loyal dog. He has been immensely touched by his little child, Elias’s death. His dependence on Haiku and his extreme seclusion and aggression are actually his reaction to his wound. His wound has driven him to a life among taxidermic animals, filled with drugs, alcohol, and gluttony. As days go by, he gets fatter and fatter and his appearance and behavior become weirder and weirder. However, Kupal’s loneliness doesn’t leave him unaware of people and their feelings and requirements. He cannot even look at himself. In one of the flashbacks of the film, Kupal’s wife says rightfully that he cannot even look at himself. His life gets more and more depressing, yet he is living in total unconsciousness. His only attachment is to his house of cards which turns to a trap for him after only a door is left locked. The film apparently has a simple narrative, yet it tries to show the character’s illusion in addition to the story. One of the most exquisite points about the film is Levon Haftvan’s performance. His portrayal of the character is strong and memorable. In fact, ” Kupal ” wouldn’t be a good film without a good performance. ” Kupal ” could be a boring, monotonous film, yet its rhythm, Haftvan’s performance, its editing, characterization, etc. have turned it into an innovative, unforgettable film.


Alireza Naraghi (Film Critic)

Art & Experience Cinema Magazine – April 2018