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- Iranian movie 'The Badger' awarded in Terni Film Festival
Kazem Mollaie received the award for best director at the 17th. Terni Film Festival in Italy for his feature film "The Badger" (more...)
- The Badger [LAAPFF21 Capsule Review]
Kazem Mollaie’s The Badger is a thrilling drama set in the bustling city of Tehran during the eve of Eid-al-Adha festivities, a holy day in Islam (more...)
- “The Badger” wins awards at Global Nonviolent Film Festival
Iranian drama “The Badger” has scored another success by winning awards in the best film and best screenplay categories at the Global Nonviolent Film Festival (more...)
- Vishka Asayesh Wins Best Actress at Winter Film Awards for “The Badger”
Iranian feature film, The Badger, directed by Kazem Mollaie and produced by Sina Saeidian, has won the IndeiPix (best independent film) and best actress awards at the 10th Annual Winter Film Awards International Film Festival in the US (more...)
- Split Film Festival to screen “The Badger”
Iranian movie “The Badger” will be screening at the Split Film Festival, which will take place in Split, Croatia’s second-largest city, from September 15 to 21 (more...)
- “The Badger” named best at Swindon film festival
Iranian drama “The Badger” has been crowned best feature at the Swindon Independent International Film Festival in England (more...)
- 'The Badger' to go on screen at Five Lakes Film Fest in Germany
Iranian feature 'The Badger' directed by Kazem Molaie, is scheduled to go on screen at the Five Lakes Film Festival in Germany (more...)
- Iranian film ‘The Badger’ wins RIFF award
The Iranian film ‘The Badger’ directed by Kazem Mollaie, won four major awards at the 19th annual Riverside International Film Festival (RIFF) (more...)
- First ever 'One People International Film Festival' set for Cape Town
Iranian feature ‘The Badger’, written and directed by Kazem Mollaie, will be screened in the main section of the “One People International Film Festival” in South Africa (more...)
- Iran’s ‘The Badger’ nominated at US Riverside Int’l Film Festival
Iranian feature film, ‘The Badger,’ directed by Kazem Mollaie, was nominated for the Best Film Award at the 19th edition of the Riverside International Film Festival (RIFF) in the US. (more...)
- Maryland Film Festival 2021 Review: THE BADGER
Iranian films has been considered one of the brightest phenomena in world cinema in recent years. Frequently applauded for their depth, complexity of character and realism The Badger fits well in this category. It has already played multiple renown international festivals (more...)
- Maryland Film Festival Announces Full 2021 Festival Program
Iranian feature ‘The Badger’, written and directed by Kazem Mollaie, will be screened in the main section of the “23rd annual Maryland Film Festival” in the USA. (more...)
- Iranian movie 'The Badger' shines in 2 American festivals
Iranian movie 'The Badger' received Honorable Mention in the Fargo Film Festive (FFF) after winning Best Thriller Feature Film in the International Prospector Film Festival (more...)
- “The Badger” to be screened at Sofia MENAR Film Festival
Iranian feature ‘The Badger’, written and directed by Kazem Mollaie, will be screened in the main section of the “13th edition of Sofia MENAR Film Festival” in Bulgaria (more...)
- "THE BADGER" to vie at Jaipur Int’l Film Festival
“The Badger” written and directed by Kazem Mollaie is Iran cinema’s representatives at the "13th. Jaipur International Film Festival" (JIFF 2021). (more...)
- Indonesian festival to screen seven films from Iran
"The Badger", a feature film directed by Kazem Mollaie, will be screened in the "15th Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival" in November 2020 (more...)
- Austin Film Festival 2020 Review: THE BADGER
From Iran comes a stressful and gripping drama that can has great writing, even greater direction and superb performances by the talented actors in the cast. Writer/director Kazem Mollaie uses a tension-filled abduction story to a make a commentary on the world today (more...)
Highlighting the richness of contemporary films by Persian-speaking filmmakers around the globe since 2011, the Festival will be opening its 9th edition in December (more...)
The Iranian film 'The Badger' written and directed by Kazem Mollaie, won three awards in the US' Berkeley and Thailand's BangkokThai film festival (more...)
- Smart and incisive thriller shows a different Iran
THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE (JOSH KUPECKI) : "Termites behave like a family. They stick together, so you have to get rid of them all to eradicate them.” (more...)

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